What does an Investor want to see in a Business Plan?

16th September, 11:00-12:30 - here at the btc in Steveage!

Raising finance is often the number one challenge for the majority of business owners:

How do I find an investor?
Why will they invest in me?
How do I present a compelling case?
How much equity shall I give away?
These are all questions that both an entrepreneur and a funder need to address and align to complete a successful fund raise.

Throughout this event we’ll be looking at:

The investment proposition and the need to actively engage investors from the first contact.
The business opportunity and how an investor can help you grow your business.
The essential steps that you should make to ensure your business is investment ready!
The steps required to prepare the ideal business plan.
How to achieve your business plan aims and how to avoid the pitfalls.
This structured event can help you through the finance maze and provide the type of professional, experienced and unbiased, guidance on financial challenges that is so hard to find or too expensive to consider.

This event is not suitable for sole traders

The event will be delivered by the team from EFM:

Gary Jesson ( CEO of EFM Group and Finance Director) Group MD and co-founder of EFM, Gary Jesson is a Business Advisor and Finance Director with over 40 years of experience in working with growing SME’s. He applies his knowledge in a wide range of sectors providing strategic financial and business advisory services with a team of experienced professionals on hand to support. He is also directly involved as a director or founder of several companies including a medical business, family investment office and an e-commerce sticker business as well as mentoring many others

Malcolm Holloway (Finance Director and Venture Capitalist ) an experienced Finance Director and VC having worked for Rivers Capital Partners, an independent venture capital company that supports SMEs looking for funding to expand their operations and start-ups.

Michael O’Donnell (Finance Director) An experienced Finance Director with a strong record in delivering significant operational growth with constant emphasis on cash flows through team-based management style with astute commercial acumen and transferable skills set.

About EFM

EFM are experts in coaching and supporting growing business, our team have the experience and solid methodology to drive growth and profits, maximise value controlling risks. We specialise in working with growing SME business, by a flexible part-time financial management and business Advisory service, which is scaled to meet your requirements.

EFM works with over 500+ SME businesses to:

Enhance profit and value
Provide clear direction – resulting in less stress
Drive accountability and engagement at all levels
Implement systems & processes as a strong platform for growth

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