Virtual office packages at the btc

Start small, think big...
     ...with a virtual office package!

A virtual office is a service offered to small businesses that provides a range of ‘virtual’ facilities such as an office address and a professional call-answering service without having to lease or buy office space or employ your own staff.

So, why should small business owners use a virtual office?

  1. Save money – A virtual office cuts out the costs incurred from renting physical workspace. As well as saving on rent and electricity, you’ll also be saving money on office overheads and manpower
  2. Access ‘pay-as-you-use facilities’ - Many virtual office providers offer meeting and conference facilities that are available for hire as and when required
  3. Low financial commitment - Most virtual office packages are charged on a month-to-month basis, although there are bigger discounts if you sign up for longer
  4. Live from day one - A virtual office will help kick-start your business, it takes care of things like customer calls so you can concentrate on your business, saving you time and money
  5. Business address - Having a professional mailing address and telephone number is essential for small business owners to build and maintain their professional image. A professional image portrays trustworthiness, professionalism and quality to customers
  6. Accessibility - Virtual offices can be accessed easily by you and your employees – only an internet connection is needed
  7. Environmentally friendly - A virtual office is an environmentally friendly option for your business. You save on office overheads and reduce your business mileage
  8. Customer service - Customers always prefer talking to a person rather than a machine, especially when that person is friendly and helpful
  9. Tax deductible - Virtual office space and related travel expenses are tax deductible. Your accountant can advise on the tax implications
  10. Regional business expansion - Looking to do business in other regions around the country? Taking up a virtual office in a new region gives you a presence without having to rent office space

The btc offers a variety of flexible, virtual office service packages.

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