Electric vehicle recharging point at the btc

Electric vehicle recharging point

The btc are delighted to offer a Source East ‘Electric vehicle recharging point’ to any clients that have an electric vehicle and are a member of the scheme. The Electric Vehicle Charging point was installed by one of our 'virtual' clients at the btc, ElectrAssureElectrAssure.

Working in partnership with both EValu8 and Source East, the charging point was installed by ElectraAssure in the btc car park as part of Source East’s plan to revolutionise the electric vehicle charging infrastructure by offering a more convenient and highly accessible way of charging electric vehicles. By having this well-located, charging point installed, we hope that this will encourage further people to purchase electric vehicles in the future which will, essentially, reduce the carbon footprint here at the btc.

In order to use the charging point you must be a member of Source East’s charging scheme which is expanding rapidly across local counties. Once you have registered on the scheme, you will be given a membership card which you will need to charge your vehicle along with your charging cable. Any vehicle that is licensed with the DVLA as a pure electric or a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle can join the scheme and there are approximately 450 re-charging posts in the Source East network at present, spread across the East of England.

For further information on how to join the Source East scheme and for instructions on how to use the charging point, please click here.

If you’re considering purchasing an electric vehicle, the btc’s managing agent, Wenta, are offering business grants which can help towards the cost of your new electric vehicle.  For more information, please visit www.wenta.co.uk/business-grants or speak to Emma Aylott on 01438 791003 or via emmaaylott@wenta.co.uk.