Top 10 Tips on Choosing the Right Venue for Your Event


1. Location, Location, Location 

Your venue’s location is imperative and should be at the heart of your event planning. If people aren’t able to get to the location, due to lack of transport links, your ‘attendees’ will not be attending. Consider car parking availability and local accommodation.

2. Event Date, Time and Duration

Timing is everything. Be sure to check your calendar as well as your attendees’ calendars. Pick a date and time that your guests are most likely going to be able to attend. Sounds simple but again, this is often something overlooked.

3. Format

Holding an exhibition? Networking event? Having guest speakers? Unsure whether to have ‘theatre’ or ‘cabaret’ styled seating? Enquire about the available room formats.

4. Reputation

The image of your venue choice is vital. Research the facilities, staff and client feedback. If the service is good, your attendees are more likely to enjoy the event and give positive feedback.

5. Is the price right?

Anyone can plan a great event with unlimited funds but when financial resources are limited, the venue must fit within your budget. Don’t be afraid to shop around and get a few quotes for comparison.

6. Amenities

What amenities will you require? Video conferencing? Wi-Fi? Take a look at the technology available to you to make sure you’ll have access to everything that you need.

7. Menu

Getting the food and beverages right can have a great effect on your attendees’ overall event experience. Investigate the catering options and research their customer feedback.

8. Ease of Access

Consider disabled guests and any accessibility facilities that they might require. You’ll want to ensure that every attendee is accommodated for and made to feel welcome.

9. Size is everything

Too little or too much space can cause adverse problems. Have a good idea of the expected number of attendees you’ll be having and choose a venue that can accommodate accordingly.

10. The Visit

Always visit your prospective venue. No matter how confident you might feel about the venue, there may be hidden secrets that can only be unveiled by an in-person visit.

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