Can you help us fight youth unemployment in Hertfordshire?

With recent statistics showing that one in five youngsters are currently out of work, Wenta have launched a pilot 16+ Placement Programme in a bid to combat youth unemployment in Hertfordshire. The scheme is aimed at helping local 16 - 18 year olds step into the working world.

Are you a Hertfordshire based company looking to recruit some temporary help?

Wenta are looking for companies in Hertfordshire that can provide any kind of work (e.g admin, PA, receptionist, retail, labouring work) for short placements lasting anything between 8 - 24 weeks.

Students and school leavers are not the only ones benefiting from this programme. Whilst providing a young person with the opportunity to gain valuable workplace skills, your company will benefit from:

  • Fresh new ideas, skills and knowledge that a young person brings to any business
  • No Tax or National Insurance implications as the small cost for the placement of £140 per week is Tax and NI free
  • Flexible recruitment options as there is no obligation to employ at the end of the placement
  • Payroll administration managed by Wenta so you don't have to worry about that element
  • Apprenticeship opportunity if you feel that the student works out for your company at the end of the placement

Take on a 16 + Placement student today and add value to your business without long term commitment.

For further information on a work placement for your company, please contact us.