Legal Surgery with Taylor Walton Solicitors

Legal Surgery with Taylor Walton Solicitors

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TBC 30 minute appointment slots available

Running between 10am - 12pm.
btc Stevenage Free* Directions

Working in partnership with Taylor Walton Solicitors, Wenta offer business legal advice to support start-up businesses that often need advice with aspects such as basic contract law and forming new contracts.  


Taylor Walton Solicitors can also provide you with advice on:

  • Commercial disputes
  • Going to Court
  • How to avoid going to Court and what it means to go to Court in relation to a commercial dispute
  • Practical advice on how to solve problems/disputes before they escalate and before they reach the state of going to Court
  • Debt collection matters - how to get paid in respect of your invoices; whether or not you have any reason not to pay someone else's invoices!
  • Contracts: basic contract law, contract forming procedures


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Terms and Conditions:
Wenta host and promote these free surgeries to provide an opportunity for you to meet with a Solicitor informally and without obligation. The provision of this service should in no way be viewed as a recommendation. Wenta, as an impartial organisation, always encourage our clients to speak to several providers, most of whom will offer a an initial free consultation as part of their service. Your Wenta Business Advisor will supply you with the details of three Solicitors Practices on request.
The Law Society provides a searchable directory of legal professionals who are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA).
Please note that any contract that you might enter into is between you and the surgery provider. Wenta accept no responsibility or liability.