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14th Nov 2019



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Looking to review your financial or funding strategy? Or struggling with your finances and need professional advice? Here is your chance to book a free 1:1 Financial Consultation with our experienced EFM Finance Director.
This 1:1 bespoke financial consultation can help you through the finance maze. Provide the type of independent, experienced and trusted, guidance on financial challenges that is so hard to find or too expensive to consider.
“Tap into an extensive network of experienced business leaders”
Example of how Business Owners use this free service:
Receive professional advice on their finance issues
Review financial strategies and their business plans
Learn how to better understand the financial performance of the business
Understand what they should consider when taking on business partners
Understand what they should include in a shareholders agreement and why they are important
Fully understand the personal implications of taking on debt and the practical implications of using the wrong type of finance to fund or grow their business.
Review strategies for rewarding and motivating staff
Review the options for growing the business and understand the pitfalls that this may bring
Question if they really know what an invoice finance facility costs their business beyond the headline rate and whether they have the right one for their business
Avoid possible expensive future mistakes by giving away too much equity too cheaply or by not arranging enough early finance
Learn why convertible debt might be the wrong thing to take on when they are growing their business
Determine if Grants and R&D funding are an option for their business
Identify suitable sources of funding and receive relevant introductions
Help them understand how their finances work
Review the possible routes to exit the business
Understand what they should look at in mitigating the risks of BREXIT

More about the consultations:

Finance is the number one challenge for the majority of business owners. Adequacy of cash is dictated by a host of different factors, both tactical and strategic – and that’s before they can identify appropriate external funding. EFM consultation last 30 minutes where one of our experts will discuss and analyse area of concern you identified.

EFM's consultations result in a confidential report that identifies underlying finance challenges. These can be immediate, such as the need to finance new orders, or longer term, such as the need to fix on a business growth model.

About EFM

We help companies create and execute growth plans based on professional experience, and manage funding and financial performance to maximise the value of business investments.
We support clients in all parts of UK, and work closely with our sister company in Ireland, supported by number of partners to deliver sound financial controls and effective business advice.