Digital Marketing and Presentation Skills









5th Sept2019

4th Oct 2019

8th Nov 2019

6th Dec 2019


10:00am - 15:00pm






Marketing both digital and online can be challenging, Michael has 9 years of experience helping start-ups identify the best ways to access their customers through Marketing as well as being a Google Digital Garage Trainer.

Michael’s practical background and experience ensures that the training and coaching given is relevant, actionable and relatable.

  • Social Media - What platforms are the best and how to use them
  • Websites - Content based SEO and best website structure
  • Blogging - The what how and why of blogging to improve search results and support social media
  • Marketing - Customer profiling and differentiation
  • Content - Identifying the types of content your customers will engage with.
  • Presentation Skills – Helping you prepare for important presentations, pitches or interviews.