Coaching for Mental Wellbeing

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Ever felt intimidated meeting a client? Procrastinated over important tasks? Nervous about presenting? Maintaining the right mindset when running a business is essential and not always easy with the emotional ups and downs it brings.

This workshop provides strategies and a framework for self-management to help you work through aspirations and challenges and covers:-

-An introduction to what coaching is and how it benefits the business
-Q&A Session
-Facilitated self-coaching - relating to topics of your choosing
-An introspective whilst interactive workshop respecting confidentiality

Learning Objectives

-The 5Ws of coaching: Raising awareness of who, what, when, why, where and how coaching is beneficial
-The importance of resilience and self-preservation in today’s business world
-How to self-coach for enhanced performance, productivity and mental wellbeing
-This workshop is aimed at Business Owners/professionals interested in coaching, authentic leadership, resilience and developing themselves personally and -professionally. Those seeking a professional resilience tool

About the presenter - Alison Dixon

-Alison is an Accredited Master in Executive Coaching, qualified psychological coach and certified practitioner in MBTI™ and Emotional Intelligence with over 20 years’ experience in consultancy, 1:1 coaching and team development.
-Specialising in the pharmaceutical and related industries (where she has been described as a pioneer of coaching) she coaches leaders, teams and coaches, as well as SME business owners.
-Alison set up Success Coaching & Development (C&D) 11 years ago having established and grown a successful C&D Practice for another consultancy. Alison takes a ‘holistic’ approach to coaching and is particularly interested in the value of authentic leadership for mental wellbeing. To that end, in 2016 Alison launched walnut™ leading wisely to enable and support professionals in developing compassionate self-knowing in order to get the best out of themselves and others whilst positively influencing the world around them.
-Prior to executive coaching Alison held leadership, management, operational and strategic roles in SME and blue chip companies.

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